AMC Henderson – Gorgon Jetty Caisson Works

AMC Henderson – Gorgon Jetty Caisson Works

AMC Henderson – Gorgon Jetty Caisson Works


Thistle Fabrication Pty Ltd were successful in winning the tender process with Saipem Leighton JV in provide fabrication, welding personnel and associated equipment with stores to aid the Gorgon Jetty caisson works including the sea-fastening works as required for sailing. - Contract value totaled over $14 million.

Scope of Work:

Based on an agreed schedule of rates Thistle were contracted to qualify welding procedures and welders to project specifications, remove and install lifting points on the jetty caissons that were subject to 100% UT and MPI inspection as well as rigorous visual examination. Additionally, we were required to increase manning levels to assist with removal and installation of sea-fastening of caissons from & to barges. Site works supplemented with large workshop scopes along the way.


Assembling an experienced crew of personnel that could undertake a scope of work that had tight time and dimensional constraints.


Satisfying client’s requirements with respect to safety with no LTI’s in over 200,000 hours of work. Welding carried out achieved a repair rate of less than 0.01%.

AMC Henderson – Gorgon Jetty Caisson Works